a spiritual return to Stowe

A trip to Stowe House took the terracotta head back to Brown’s former stamping ground. Approaching on a rainswept day, entry to the front of the house opened on to the North Hall, complete with old Stoic David Wynne’s contemporary busts, leading into the Marble Hall where we were to unveil Brown, under the fine ceiling with its oval oculus.


The Headmaster of Stowe School, Anthony Wallersteiner, gave a formal welcome for the head and to a group of young curatorial professionals visiting the UK on the Open Palace programme, before it moved onto the South Terrace to oversee the al fresco repast whilst keeping an eye on the breathtaking vista extending from the loggia.

2016-07-12 18.36.20

2016-07-12 18.49.39

Later, Nick Morris, Chief Executive of the Stowe House Preservation Trust led a group down to the evocative Discovery Centre in hte vaulted cellars, where the terracotta head was manoeuvred carefully into position by House Custodian Anna McEvoy –  it now sits next to the parish register recording Lancelot’s Brown marriage and the baptism of his first child.

2016-07-12 19.50.392016-07-12 19.59.57crop

You can visit Stowe House and see both for yourself this summer! Plan a trip here.


One thought on “a spiritual return to Stowe

  1. An inspired idea to put LCB next the Register- but oh, he did look rather splendid on the South Terrace!
    The culmination of much research, skill and a perceptive inner eye. Congratulations.


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