Brown family resemblances

Holland relative cropCheryl Gaynor’s father sent her a photo of her Grandfather (left).

His name was Alexander E. Holland. His parents were Charles E. Holland and Alexandrina Dickson; Charles’s parents were Frederic Holland and Bijsbertje Kuij; Frederic’s parents were Colonel Lancelot Holland and Charlotte Peters; Lancelot’s parents were Henry Holland and Bridget Brown. And Bridget Brown’s parents… well, you have it by now, I suppose?

What is clear is that from a genetic point of view there is a likely 50% dilution of the material directly from Lancelot Capability Brown at each successive generation. But that shouldn’t stop us studying this head for similarities as it IS a great find. The nose and brow seems similar; likewise the cheek lines running down into the chin.

What do YOU think?


4 thoughts on “Brown family resemblances

  1. I enjoy reading your blog, and I think you are right – there is a similarity.
    I’m not sure whether I can see it in the nose, because that is from a different angle, but it’s definitely in the cheek lines ‘running down to the chin’.
    I think you’ve done great detective work. I look forward to reading the next post.

    Edith Seyffarth


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