Three Henry Hollands – one useful

IMG_4252_16-9Henry_Holland_(architect)Henry Holland ran a building firm and he built several of Capability Brown’s buildings. His son Henry Holland (1745-1806, images left and right) was an architect to the English nobility, who modernised Woburn Abbey. Born in Fulham, London, he entered a partnership with Brown in 1771.

Edridge-KLancelot Brown’s facial features show similarities to those of his daughter, Bridget who married Henry Holland (and who we saw in a previous post here). Their daughter, also Bridget, was Capability Brown’s grand-daughter and is captured (left) by Henry Edridge in a framed sketch at Abbot and Holder Ltd.

Their eldest son was Henry Holland Junior (1775-1855).It would be good to find an image of him; he had connections to Okehampton where he was MP 1802-1804. Can you help?

Three Henry Hollands. To the sculptor there are no useful visible genetic links for the two eldest generations. Our Okehampton MP has 1/4 of Brown’s genetic material, as has Bridget, above. But it is Brown’s direct progeny that are most useful being potentially ‘half of him’ and perhaps giving us best chance of conveying an alternative glimpse of some of Brown’s long Northumbrian features.

Co-incidentally, I recently heard from a living relative in Australia (née Holland) in Australia who reads this blog. Whilst the genetic character will have diluted over the generations, there is always the chance of imagery passed down through family archives emerging to help us.


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