portraits attributed, uncertain and related

Nick Ray for the Times 2013I want to be working on the clay for the Brown head during the early part of 2016; discussions are already underway with visitor locations that Brown has worked at so that we may take the modelling process into the eyes of the general public… and perhaps benefit from the sense of place – the views Brown would have seen whilst he was engaged in creative thought. All these can seep into the work in the most curious way. The sculptor is a little understood beast and few know or see their working processes so this is a good opportunity to engage.

I aim to study some of the definitive portrait works in December. There are also various new leads emerging to less certain works of Brown. Whilst these may presently lack sufficient attribution, what better than an artist’s eyes to decide whether they offer some link to the man for our purposes here.

Hoppner_Bridget-HollandI am also particularly keen to have a closer look at the portraits of Brown’s daughter Bridget Holland. One miniature exists, and this work by John Hoppner. Possibly others? ¬†Any one could offer a lead to drawing or strengthening some common thread in the Lancelot Brown evidence presently available to us.


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